Rafi Peer, is a unique cultural organization with more than 40 years of experience in creating cultural, educational, entertaining, developmental engagements, activities and events for the children of Pakistan.

Our heritage and education project the Museum of Puppetry, housing more than 350 displays from 65 countries and the largest collection of folk puppets in South Asia, is a one of a kind institution. It is the only institution in Pakistan that preserves, educates and entertains children and families from all walks of life and for the sake of cultural preservation alone.

We pride ourselves on providing joyful learning and meaningful entertainment to the children of Pakistan through the various mediums of the performing arts. Over the years we have created incredibly successful arts based projects with many local and multinational organizations including mega activities like the Walls Fun Carnival, Surf Paint Masti and Games Masti and Tools for Schools, as well as the creation, development and production of the remarkably successful puppet based educational television productions Sim Sim Hamara and Fun Time.

Rafi Peer Theatre workshop has produced four 13-part Television puppet series so far. These comprise the ‘DIDI Show’ (Combine Television – 1987), ‘Fun Time’ (PTV -1996), ‘Putli Kahani’ (PTV-2006-07), and ‘Fun Time’ (Wikkid – 2007). All puppet making, set construction, lighting design and execution, sound recording, developing songs and voice overs, writing scripts and lyrics and complete production facility was executed by RPTW’s in-house facility. RPTW has produced and performed puppet theatre live across Pakistan and to-date has performed over 5,400 shows reaching out to nearly 1.9 million audiences.


This work gives us the unique capabilities to use the arts as a wonderful tool of messaging, communication and learning. Through the joyful experience of art based learning we create ties between education and creativity that last a life time.

Through these activities, RPTW has covered 110 towns. RPTW developed the Child Art Festival in 1979 and since then the event has engaged 300,000 children. RPTW launched the Bus Project in 2006 for under privileged kids to visit the Faizaan Peerzada Museum of Puppetery  and educate them through puppetry. This project has attracted 200,000 children so far. RPTW has performed puppet shows in 6,000 schools for more than 2.0 million children since 1984. RPTW has produced over 40 Puppet Production to date. RPTW has been giving the youth opprotunites to express themselves through the youth performing arts festival in the field of Puppetry, Dance, Theatre, Music & Film since 1992.

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