World Performing Arts Festivals

The World Performing Arts Festival is a beautiful amalgamation of various artistic disciplines such as Dance, Puppetry, Music, Film and Theatre, but more so it is a glorious coming together of the worlds peoples and cultures.  Over 10 Days in the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan, artists, press and audiences from around the country and come together to celebrate the universality of the arts. The performing arts transcend the man-made boundaries of geography, economics, language, race and religion and speak to what is fundamentally the same within us all. They speak the language of the soul. And bring us together in celebration and excitement, creating thrilling entertainment.

Each day more than 13 diverse performances are held at a single venue. We utilize both constructed auditoriums and makeshift camps as well as outdoor spaces and interactive crowd performances. Each night the festival culminates in a live music performance featuring a host of bands from Pakistan and around the world.  Through the course of the festival tremendous fusions between international artists from different countries and a variety of disciplines are born, creating never before seen performances for awe-struck audiences. The festivals are held in a central, urban location and are affordable and accessible to people from every social strata.

The World Performing Arts Festival has previously stood as an annual landmark on the winter landscape of Lahore for more than a decade and has not only brought the cultures of the world to Pakistan, but has shown the true cultural face of Pakistan and her warm, welcoming people to the world.

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