International Mystic Music Sufi Festivals

Since the year 2000, the RPTW has taken the initiative to bring together Sufi artists, musicians and singers from around the Islamic world and showcase them on the platform of the International Mystic Music Sufi Festival.  This amazing event has created a dramatic platform for varying Sufi cultures and traditions from across the world.  Hosting artists from over 22 countries including participants such as the Whirling Dervishes from Turkey as well as musicians from Iran, Syria and many other Islamic countries, the festival a dynamic, three day event.

The Sufi festival is one of Pakistan’s most celebrated events to date and the festival has staged some of the most remarkable collaborations and performances to ever graced the stages of Pakistan.  Through the Festival we celebrate and promote the true spirit of artistic expression in mysticism featuring Sufi Music becoming an enlightening experience for the people who are touched by the Sufi singing and devotional practices. We believe this is more important and relevant now, during these times of global uncertainty and lack of awareness.

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