Folk Puppet Festivals

In 1992 the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop held the very first International Puppet Festival at Alhamra Cultural Complex in Lahore.  This incredible event brought artists from around the world together in the historic city of Lahore to celebrate the art of Puppetry and Puppet Making.

Rafi Peer has also been actively involved with puppet shows and workshops for children and young adults across Pakistan in Schools and festivals. We have been using puppetry as a tool for education and social awareness.  We specialize in creating dynamic storytelling and creative workshops promoting learning through the arts. This includes Live Music Sing along, Puppet Making, Art Workshops, Exhibitions and Special Activities for children.

The Festival had a tremendous impact and sowed the seeds of many innovations and collaborations in this stagnating and often forgotten art form. Over the years the Folk Puppet Festival has provided support and sustenance for hundreds of folk puppeteers who were facing poverty due to the extinction of this Art form. this serves as a crucial initiative to safeguard the dying art of Folk Puppetry.


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