Rafi Peer Festivals

The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is a unique cultural organization with a history spanning more than four decades. Our expertise comprises of production of cultural festivals, live events in the fields of music, puppetry, theatre and cultural collaborations on an international scale.  Since its inception in 1974, the RPTW has worked tirelessly to promote the performing arts in Pakistan and to use the power of the arts to touch the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan and across the world. In 1992 the RPTW held Pakistan’s First ever, International Puppet Festival.  The festival brought to the historic city of Lahore, hundreds of artists and art forms from around the globe and soon grew into the largest festival of its kind in Pakistan. This initiative has led to the production of 78 local and international festivals.  The festivals highlight the fundamental role of the arts as a cultural expression necessary for human development. These festivals define values through unification identity, creativity and diversity becoming responsible for individual and social development by creating tolerance, awareness, jobs, economic avenues and generating income for the creative sector.

The following are the titles of the Festival, names of groups, their medium of performance and the countries that they have represented since the very beginning.

  1. International Puppet Festival 
  2. International Theatre & Dance Festival
  3. World Performing Arts Festival
  4. International Mystic Music Sufi Festival
  5. Youth Theatre Festival
  6. Folk Puppet Festivals 
  7. Sanjh Mela
  8. Oslo Festival