The Artist in Residency Program invites renowned foreign puppeteers to live and work at the Museum for 2-3 months.  The artists conduct workshops, perform puppet shows, and collaborate with local artists creating new pieces and design puppets among other activities.  The Museum’s  first resident puppeteer, Elisabetta Potasso of Italy, developed a production “Fire-Earth-Water” in collaboration  with Faizaan Peerzada, curator museum of Puppetry.

Anna Katherin Kaltt and Micheal Miensopust conducted workshops on body theatre, produced an installation for the central Atrium of the Museum and performed play “Elsas Creation”.  Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop will be arranging more residencies in future.  Heiki Ikkola and Sabine Kohle from Berlin were the latest artists in residence.  They conducted a workshop with Punjab University, NCA and BNU.  Their residency culminated with the curetting of the Museum’s first floor windows, a performance with and by students of the workshop and performances of their freek show.

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